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Marketing Research

Even if you decide to advance into overseas markets, you often hesitate to jump into there beacause of lack of knowledge of foreign affairs. 

However, there are plenty of possibilities that overseas companies need your products or services.

[Our Service]

We work instead of you, making good use of global networks which our CEO has built :

(1) Research the markets and needs in object area 

(2) PR activity

We hope to deliver not only your products but also happiness through our support for you.

Our Cases

CASE 1. 
Client : Maker of Special Iron Plate
Needs : Develop new customers

Our Action : In America, Singapore, France, Italy, and Germany, 
​                       we research 5,000 people.

As the result…
we suggest new idea to clients, finding further needs beyond the  client's expectation.

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​Grand Swell LLC

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