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~Be a True Partner~


When you hope to develop the overseas project stably, ​the base of operations is essential.

However, you have to pay the huge front-end costs such as rent for the base and personnel expenses.  And if you failed, your loss would be immeasurable.

Then, we work instead of you in the country where you hope to expand markets and enable you to hedge the above risks and take the chance to grow up further more!

Our Case​

Case1 : Agency of Foreign Shipping Line in Japan

Client : Foreign Shipping Line


Needs : Hope to develop the project in Japan


Our Solutions : Substitution for collecting break bulk cargos


※This servise has already closed.


Case2:Representative for 

Foreign Beauty Salon Group

Client:Foreign Beauty Salon Group


Needs:Hope tp Imoprt Japanese cosmetics, solvent used at beauty salon, and hair care products


Our Solutions:Research and Marketing

~ Negotiation Agency ~ Arrangement of International Multimodal Transportation  

​※Now we focus on this service.


​Grand Swell LLC

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