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​Consulting for Logitics, Trade & Supply Chain

Our service​

We will propose solutions for your troubles about foreign trades.

We'll show you some examples of our services : ​

For forwarders,

(1) New customer acquisition in Japan

(2) Improvements of conflicts between Japanese shipper's customs

     and foreign operators' business usages.

For Japanese makers, trading companies, logitics companies, and forwarders,

(1) Proposals to establish supply chain all over the world

(2) Arrangements for the best transit route

(3) Establishments of global network

(4) Proposals for new service options : countries, means to transport,

                                                                       range, and products

Our Cases

Client : Logitics company which transport cargos only in Japan
               and between Japan and China

Needs : Expand business

Our solutions : Suggest (1) LCL service
                                   and (2) the project of cargo handling

As the result...
(1) The client starts the service of LCL for Russia and has favorite
(2) The client has arranged transportation for major Japanese
     companies and heavy industry companies.

Client : Importing firm in Japan (Apparel)
Needs : (1) Cost-cutting and Shortening the number of transit days 
              (2) Establish transit routes to enable to keep the date of delivery

Our solutions : (1) 1. We make the foreign logitics companies' list
                                     with which our company deals.
                                2. We compare thses companies and help the
                                    client with the conversion of the
                                    transportation company.
       ⑵ We monitor shipper's exporting
                                 progress regularly.
As the result…
⑴ 1. Shorten the days from assortment of load to delivery by 20%.
     2. Reduce shipping chages by 15% in the circumstances where            shipping chage is rising because of Covid-19.

Have shippers meet the dealine by our monitoring and direction. 

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​Grand Swell LLC

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