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An Article about Our Service on Shipping Gazette


Have you already watched "Shipping Gazette for July 18th"?

We got interviewed by Japan Press last month,

and they introduce our service as a special topic.

If you have not,

The service which this article picks up is

【Arrangement of International Transportation for Russia】.

Generally, we consider that it's not a good idea to cut off the supply chain of one country

and isolate it in terms of humanity and diplomatic strategy.

Then, based on such an idea,

we arranges exports for Russia with daily necessities and medical products.

※We follow all messages from Japanese government and obey them perfectly.

Now, we have a cooperative relationship with FESCO,

which is the largest Russian company in the shipping and general logistics industry.

Route: Yokohama(JPN) → Vladivostok(RUS) →Moscow(RUS)

We are planning to add more ports.

Since starting this service,

the number of our clients continues to grow.

If you want to know more details,

please get us in touch through "Inquiry" at HP

or send an email for ""!

【Shipping Gazette for July 25th】

Next issue of Shipping Gazette introduces our other service,

Arrangement of International Transportation except for Russia.


See you soon,

T. Honda

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