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This is Tomoki Honda.

Last week, as written in the title,

with which our company makes a business partnership

to carry on transportaion to Russia.

The object to come is...

to watch their loading of export goods which our company arranged!

       ↑The products we arranged occupies the corner of warehouse

And then...

they finished the loading with no trouble.

Thank you so match, Daido Trans-Planet Corporation!

We're looking forward to working with you!

By the way,

we're accepting your application for the transportation to RUSSIA.

There are mainly sanitary goods and daily necessaries.

Of course, we can transport any goods from anywhere to any place,

to the extent that economic sanctions are observed!

If you think that you want to transport your products or find a new market,

please get in touch with us!

TEL:+81-80-5853-3614 or +81-80-6245-8003

Thanks and best regards,

T. Honda

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