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Cargos for Russia

We are one of the few companies which ship cargos to Russia now.

Actually, we make a partnership with FESCO which is the famous comprehensive logitics company in Russia.

We think we can supply you with the chance to acquire your new customers because more and more companies stop dealing with Russian companies and therefore the number of rival companies decreases.

Hereafter, we're going to accept the arrangements from any countries to Russia.  So, if you get interested in this service, please contact us!

We can also arrange
FCL if you need.

※We can lead you in the way adapted to the new economic sanctions 
     imposed by Government of Japan.

Contact US!
Our Service in Japan

①Arrangement for Truck

Export Customs Clearance

③Support for Making Certificate of non-applicability

④Support for Marking Customs Documents

⑤Trucking Cargos

⑥Import Customs Clearance

⑦Arrangement for Transportation in Russia

⑧Monitor the flow of client's cargos

​Goods : Daily necessaries, Sanitary goods, and etc.
​※Please check out the sanctions in your country

​※NO- Guarantee of the costs
※For General Cargos

Russia LCL Price List.png

Around Vladivostok(VVO)
After departing at VVO, we deliver to your destination by truck.

After departing at VVO, deliver to Moscow by railway.
It takes more than 9days.
After departing at Moscow, we deliver to your destination by truck.

・Saint Petersburg
①From Japan to VVO : Ocean Vessel
 From VVO to Saint Petersburg : Aircraft
②From Narita to Saint Petersburg : Aircaraft

​Of course, for even another destination,
we will achieve door to door transportation!

Why Russia Now?​

In fact, Russia is critized for the relationship with Ukraine.
Countries all over the world including Japan impose sanctions on Russia.

We avoid to refer to whether justifications of using the force by both countries are correct.  At least, we suspect it is not useful to isolate Russia from the world community by sanctions. 

For example, if there is a shortage of daily necessaries in Russia by sanctions, sanitary conditions in Russia gets worse and is regarded as problem in terms of humanity.

Moreover, if we break every exchange with Russia off, it will get more difficult to restore the relationship with Russia .

So, under the idea that it is worthwhile to maintain the economic exchange, even if in the conflict, our company arrange the transportation 
​to Russia.

Please send us message!


Thank you!

We will contact you in a few days.

​Grand Swell LLC

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